Sunday, August 08, 2010

Blood Berries: Ode to Summer

I had this stubborn concept for a makeup shoot where I wanted to get a monochromatic colour scheme (with red as the only colour) but without actually making it monochromatic in Photoshop. I say 'stubborn' because I quickly discovered that this involves a lot of effort; a ton of white makeup, and because white flattens everything, a lot of re-defining my contours with black powder. I also went so far as to dye my hair a natural black for this specific concept. Oh, and careful white balancing was also a must. Though it's still not completely monochromatic (you can see some brown in my hair) I'm fairly happy with the results. Though I must admit that being the makeup artist, photographer, model and photo editor is completely exhausting, especially for the labor intensiveness that was required for this makeup application.

For larger versions of these, please feel free to visit my FLICKR account!


Jessie Thavonekham said...

ooooh, I like these Laura! the colours (or lack of) are very classy vampiric. Possible cover for a 5th twilight book? ;)

laura said...

I think I'd have to photoshop in a baby...and maybe a wolf for good measure for them to be the cover for the last twilight book. ;)

Marisa said...

Nice idea and great execution!

I hear you on the exhaustion... Yesterday we did four shoots, so I did four different hair and makeups. Then we did another one this morning. Now the editing process begins. It was awesome though.

laura said...

Thanks Marisa!

Woah, and were you out in the wilderness while changing your hair/makeup? That boggles my mind. I can't wait to see how they turned out, though!

Marisa said...

No, we drove back to the house after every one was a long day.

You'll probably get to see the film ones Dayna took before the portfolio ones are done being edited.