Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hopeful for August

August seems to have revitalized me. For the past few weeks I have been feeling utterly unmotivated and lethergic. But with each passing day I feel I have more energy, more creativity and ideas and am looking forward to going back to university full time more and more.

July was busy travel wise, but I unfortunately only did one piece of artwork the entire month, the one to my right. I hope I get some more art done in August. I also hope to update my comic Snow Coast, which I haven't touched in forever but have a whole bunch of ideas written down for comics. We shall see, I suppose.

Here's a list of my mostly solid courses for 2007-2008:
6_credits: Painting, Drawing, Ceramics
3_credits: Spanish, Italian, History of Photography

I am most excited for ceramics which I have always wanted, but never had the chance to try my hand at. Also the language courses. And I have a lot of ideas for paintings swimming around in my head already.

With all that said: Happy August, everyone! Hope you will all enjoy this last month of vacation as much as I intend to.