Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Up in the Air: What to Wear

I'm having a slight superficial dilemma with choosing an outfit to wear for my travels to the Dominican Republic. In the past I would aim for comfort all the way, but ever since I've been travelling on buddy passes I have been told over and again that I need to dress nicely. There are multiple reasons for this: when one travels with a buddy pass they are representing the airline, and the second (more important) factor is that if one travelling on this pass is neatly attired they are more likely to be bumped to first class, if there are seats available.

So I could definitely use some opinions! In photos a. and b. I am wearing a really light sheer-ish white blouse which I bought specifically for this trip. It's very baggy and comfy, though I am afraid that the sheer factor may make it inappropriate. In b. I am wearing my nude bra with it, so it's a little less scandalous.

Haha, my hip is thrusting out in the same direction in all these. In photos c. and d. you may notice I am wearing the shirt I recently made. It's definitely elegant enough to wear for my pass, but I'm afraid of how well it'll hold up with a heavy back pack strapped around the shoulders. Also, I so direly wish to wear those pale skinny jeans. They are comfort incarnate and make my butt look nice. But I'm not sure, are they too informal? And I may die in them when I reach my destination, though I KNOW that in the airports and up in the air I'll be cold in a skirt. And finally, e. shows something very different. Shorts are definitely more comfortable than skirts to travel in, but the cold factor will still be present. I could also wear the shorts with the white blouse.

This is the silliest and most superficial entry ever, but any suggestions or preferences would be appreciated. I still have so much left to do before even getting to the airport that I don't want to have to worry about this too much. I'm leaving my home at around 3am Wednesday morning (so it'll feel more like late Tuesday night). That leaves about 23 hours for any input you may have!


Phil said...

A. totally looks best, but isn't appropriate. I say either C. or tops from B. and skirt from C.

Abby Marie said...

It's super pretty and the most formal looking, I think! If you are afraid of your legs being cold, wear some tights. Those are always easy to peel off when it starts getting too warm, and don't take up much room in a bag to carry them around after.
... I mean, that's just what I do, I just realized that's not all that classy. Ha!

Draw said...

Hey, I don't have an opinion, but does the buddy pass mean you got the job???

Dayna said...

A. and E. are wondaful:)
If you think A. won't be appropriate maybe you could wear za' nude bra or an adittional tank top.
and you could pair top E. with those sexeh black high waisted jeans you own if you think you'll be too cold!

Taigan said...

My faves are B. and E. But I totally agree that if you did the nude bra with A. that would be very nice too.
If you have enough space in your carry on you could tuck your shorts from E. into your bag and change into them once you arrive if you decide to wear the jeans for the flight (I also agree that airports and planes are very chilly!)

Marisa said...

I never regret the sheer white shirt, nor do I find it inappropriate, but if you're concerned, the flower one looks just as good. Keep your legs warm!

Anonymous said...

Me and alex think E looks the best. Especially with some super cute shoes.

Jessica said...

Crap, I was halfway through my comment before realizing you'd already left, lol. SHOOT. Well I hope you had a great flight and that whatever you chose was comfy! Enjoy your trip bella!

(For what it's worth, this is what I was going to write about which outfit to choose: I vote for option A with the nude bra. Or white blouse from A/B with nude bra and black shorts. Definitely comfy and stylish and appropriate! I love all of these outfits, ahhh.)