Friday, May 16, 2008

Assimilation Time

Though colorful and cute, this piece embodies a more significant message. Old traditions, cultures and religions are gradually facing extinction as the modern, industrial world closes in around them. People's values are being forced into a change that better suits this vastly corporate world. We are all gradually entering the same uniform.

My mass communications class is really having an effect on me. I think I am taking it at a very appropriate time in my life, because industrial architecture is beginning to take over my brain.

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Laura said...

A million thank yous!!
You are so encouraging, kind and your blog is super inspiring! I love your taste. :)

flossy-p said...

this is so beautiful! I really love this one...

Do you know heard some awful statistic the other day that every week the world looses another however-many languages. (can't remember how many, is was around 4 I think). It startled me to think that we're loosing whole languages at such a rate. We seem to be loosing so much in this fast fast era.