Saturday, May 10, 2008

Antler Women.

A series, or the start of one.
I need to work on being consistent. My style really changes from one to the next.
I've ordered them chronologically, first to last. All are various sizes, the largest is 3'x4'.
Oil on canvas.


design for mankind. said...


Laura said...

Thank you so much! I think I definitely need to work on consistency, but I really enjoyed painting them all. :)

flossy-p said...

Consistency? Really? I think all of these works are very consistent. I really can't see what is inconsistent about them, at all.

I struggle with keeping a consistent style too. Badly. My style changes every single time. When I try to keep the same style for more than a few works, I feel like I'm cheating, as though I'm just pumping them out with no purpose other than to look similar. It bores me. I've since decided that it goes against my personality. Instead I'll just go with the flow and see where it takes me.

Now, when you say they are 3x4, are you talking inches? Feet? Metres? I had visions of that top one being a tiny detailed 3x4 inches and suddenly wanted it badly to hang on my wall.

Do you ever sell your original work?

Laura said...

Oh! I am talking feet when I say 3'x4'. The smallest one of the set is the first, but even that one is over a foot wide. I've never really sold an original oil painting before. I am really bad at getting my work out there in the real world, as opposed to the blogosphere.

I suppose I feel they are all painted in a slightly different style, and that irks me a bit because I was trying to get them to look more unified. But I, like you, often go with the flow and didn't want to try to control their outcome too much.

I definitely see a consistent style in your art. Even with your works that seem more experimental there is definitely a strong and inexplicable element of you in everything you create. I think I am just starting to see that in my own work too, finally, which is a relief.

Drawsmall said...

Hi Laurabird,
You never told me these were up! I was sad about that, but happy to see them all together.

Also that most recent watertower matreshka thing is very appealing. I love those soft gelato colours. Mmm.

Hows your classes going, ladyo? I'd love to have a coffee sometime.