Friday, September 10, 2010

Onigiri Party.

Yesterday evening Jessie and I got together to make onigiri and a bit of sushi, and it turned out to be a super successful endeavor! We made approximately 2.5 cups of calrose rice, which ended up yielding around 22 onigiri and 2 rolls of sushi, enough for our dinner plus multiple future meals.

We used Jessie's rice cooker, and made sure to thoroughly rinse the rice beforehand. I've read on other websites to allow the rice to drain for 30 minutes after rinsing, but we didn't do that and it turned out perfect anyhow. We stuffed them with the tasty combination of smoked salmon and avocado, using a 3$ mold Jessie had recently purchased. The mold worked extremely well, and we made sure to have a bowl of salted water close at hand to help eliminate the rice from sticking to our fingers and spoons. Oh, we also added rice vinegar to our onigiri which supposedly technically changes their title to sushi, but we didn't care because rice vinegar is damn tasty.

The sushi were a bit of an after thought, as we had run out of salmon and avocado, but still had a lot of rice. We stuffed them with cucumber and carrot. They're a little plain, but not bad at all.

And ready to bring home! We each ended up with so many that I decided to freeze half a dozen of mine. To do so, I individually wrapped them in saran wrap and enclosed them all in as airless of a ziploc bag that I could manage.


Jessie Thavonekham said...

*noms on onigiri*

Gabiola said...

Awesome! We had a Sushi Party at Isaac's yesterday :)

Just another girl said...

Those onigiri are sooo cute!!!

JanelleFox said...

dude you need to bring some at work, I will pay you!!!