Friday, September 05, 2008

Self Love

I never posted this here, but I created this image last summer when I had just a little *too* much time on my hands. It was inspired by an internet pal who had a little rant about how she hates photos of heterosexual girls kissing other hetero girls. I then oddly connected that with me kissing myself and wondered if that image would make anyone angry. I was also thinking about the concept of masturbation, and how to take that to a ridiculously narcissistic level. Even though it's a bit old, I thought there would be no harm in sharing it with my readers here. I giggled the whole time I was creating this. It is not meant to offend, but to amuse. The fact that it doesn't even look realistic makes me lol too. Please giggle along!


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think it looks surprisingly realistic, except for the shadows. It looks like comfy Laura kissing sassy Laura. Hee!

It doesn't make me think of masturbation, though. I can understand the connection between masturbation and narcissism, but I think for most people masturbation is more about evading yourself than embracing yourself.

Moiface said...

You make a cute couple... haha