Monday, September 01, 2008


Examining maps kind of breaks my heart. There are so many places I wish to visit in this small yet incredibly vast world. So many places I know I never will. It's not so much the hot spots like Paris, London, Rome, Sydney, or Tokyo that get me down, because I have small hopes that I may visit those locations someday. Moreso, it's discovering all the little cities and towns, the expanses of country, the special places by the sea. It's difficult to articulate, but I get sheepishly emotional when looking at geography. I wonder if anyone has ever been everywhere? Of course leave it to the romantic to wish to accomplish the impossible.

I've also noticed that I get a sickly claustrophobic feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about the idea of living in the middle of a continent. I really love living on an island, or within a 24 hour drive of an ocean coast. I feel relieved that I am currently accomplishing both.


three buttons said...

You need to live in Australia : )

Some of the best beaches are here!

Thank you so much for joining in on This Is and many apologies for taking soo long to add you to our blog roll.

Your added now : )

Angela xx

Vegan and Vintage said...

Thanks so much for finding me so that i could find you! Your blog is lovely and I really love this post.

by the way, scrub Sydney off the list and come to Melbourne instead. Way cooler city i promise

Hollie (hokey is my other blog) xx