Friday, May 18, 2007

Ennui Enterprise

I have been such a busy beaver lately. Between the 9-5 job, working on building up lots of art pieces, managing the sales I've been making, managing a household and attempting to be a social creature I feel as though I am left with little time to sit back. This isn't really true, of course. There is always time, I just seem to let it pass through my fingers too easily. I need to become even more time efficient, but part of me is slow and lazy and will probably always be. Ah well.

I am really happily surprised that I have made an etsy sale everyday for 4 days straight now [not including today, that is]. It's really encouraging and motivating to be reassured that my art isn't crap. I am also very content because all the money I make is going towards getting a laptop, an object I have wanted for near to 10 months now. In fact, it seems like lately I have gone a little electronic crazy. I even fantasize about upgrading my already amazing camera to a newer, more powerful model. I don't actually believe this will happen for a long time yet, but one can dream. The laptop will happen at the beginning of June if all goes as planned, though. One thing at a time.

Well, must be off! Need to pack up a parcel to ship out. I love packing them. It feels so satisfying.

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