Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sink Skipper

I purchased a book of synonyms [printed in 1943] at the Salvation Army way back in September of 2006. I never really thought much of it until last week when inspiration struck. With using an underdrawing done in col-erase pencil, then penning or inking it in and finally adding the watercolour over top I have started a new art project which I am very enthused about. Thus far I have made four, one of which I gave away as a gift. The remaining ones are for sale on my etsy, if anyone is interested. I also let the words at the top of the page inspire me, such as the one to my right, which was completely inspired by "Sink Skipper". I also thought it would be neat to title them all what they say at the top.

It's refreshing to update with something other than photography for once. I love photography, but watercolours are so much fun to work with!!

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