Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flying By.

Two Japanese silver-eye fledglings. Oil on wood, 10"x10".
It's my mom's birthday today, this is my gift to her.

My contract in Ottawa went by surprisingly fast. Though it was an office job, the people who work there are all really great which helped a lot. Yesterday I had a job interview for a position as a flight attendant. It went alright, but I will not hear back from them until the end of July. I find that kind of a ridiculous amount of time to wait around for an answer. In the meantime I plan to create artwork and art prints. Philippe purchased a snazzy CMYK printer, and I am hopeful I'll be able to start printing at home which will save on money and time. All I need to do is invest in some good quality paper for prints.

While I'm waiting for an answer from the airline I will also have my trip to the Dominican Republic as a distraction. I'll be there for around 10 days in the middle of July, and I cannot wait to see all my family again. I'm planning on giving my uncles, aunt, and grandfather an original piece of my artwork as a gift. I have never really been in a position to give them anything before, so this plan excites me. I also want to give my dad a few of the old maps I was able to nab from the geography library at McGill University last year when they were getting rid of them.

I'm hoping the rest of this month goes by as quickly as the last two weeks did.


Draw said...

I thought every kind of printer was cmyk?

laura said...

Sorry, meant to say it has individual CMYK colour cartridges.

Drawsmall said...

That's cool, is it big?

laura said...

Not sure if you're referring to the printer or the painting, hehe. The printer is kind of big, though it is also a scanner as well. The painting is 10" square, so not so big.

Drawsmall said...

No I meant like, can you print bigger. With it. The printer.