Sunday, April 11, 2010

...and after we shall nap.

This blog is a-changing. The layout is immensely different, and I plan to update not only with art, but with my photography, makeup work, as well as random little projects. I want it to pertain more to what I'm currently focused on. Having confined it to solely fine arts has discouraged me from updating, even though I have been creatively active through various other media.

Obviously, there will still be artwork. So long as there are hipsters putting their over-sized glasses on their animals and photographing it, I will be here to draw them (har har).


strawberryoes said...

Daaww, super cute. I love the way you drew that :) Yall is gonna inspire me for the, uh, 4+ drawings I have to do in two days. Well. One and a half, now.

laura said...

I'd love to see the outcome of those drawings!