Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Gossip

The little piece to my right was inspired by the architecture one can find in Quebec City. I haven't been yet, but I would really love to someday soon. I only live two hours away, and have a place to stay for free while there. All that is needed is some planning.

If nothing more happens with the day it has already been a good one. I received three packs of Polaroid film in the mail this morning, finished a good book, and clean laundry is on the way. If only life could always be this simple. The apartment is gradually getting decorated, though there is still much to be done. The studio is in working order, which makes me immensely happy. But all our kitchen cupboards need new hinges, which the concierge needs to do, and we have been waiting for almost a month. I hope he gets around to it soon, as they don't close properly and the cats can't help but think they are welcoming caves. Phil and I are also thinking of buying new linoleum tiles for the kitchen. The current tiles look rather gross no matter how hard they are scrubbed.

Overall, I am content, though. After all, I have all of August to get everything just so, plus work on personal art projects.

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